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Electrical Handyman Contractor

When it comes to electrical work, it’s crucial to prioritize safety and expertise. While many home improvement tasks can be tackled as DIY projects, electrical work is not one of them. Even a minor error can lead to serious consequences and additional problems that require troubleshooting and fixing.

The complexity of residential electrical projects can vary greatly, ranging from simple switch installations to identifying and resolving circuit breaker issues. It’s important to recognize that electrical work carries inherent risks, particularly if performed by unqualified individuals. For homeowners who find the idea of handling electrical work daunting, there’s no need to worry. Our professional electrical handyman service ensures your safety and provides the necessary fixes and upgrades.

Electricity is undoubtedly a remarkable invention, but it demands a comprehensive understanding to prevent harm to yourself and your property. Improperly fastened wiring, even after completing the job, can pose a significant fire hazard. Hiring a qualified contractor is the best way to address electrical issues without incurring any additional damage or risks to you, your family, or your home.

Embarking on an electrical project without realizing the intricate nature of these tasks can quickly become overwhelming. The potential consequences of a single mistake further emphasize the importance of hiring an electrician. At Freddie Smith Construction, we offer expert electricians who provide top-notch electrical services at an affordable price. Trust us to handle your electrical needs professionally and ensure the safety of your home.

Our Electrical Services Catalog

With the number of electrical issues your home can have, you need to find a handyman that can handle all of them. 

  • Ceiling Fan Installation And Repairs

  • Lighting Installation

  • TV Repairs And Mounting

  • Appliance Installation And Wiring

  • Appliance Repairs

  • Switch, Wiring, Repairs

Ceiling Fan Installation And Repairs

No one likes sitting in a room with warm, stagnant air. Ceiling fans are the perfect way to get the air moving in your home and cool you down without costing you a fortune in energy bills. They can also help in colder months by pushing the warmer air down from the top of the room. Many homes do not have this helpful piece of equipment, though.

Lighting Installation

Proper, full lighting is a feature that not every home has. Some homes have whole rooms without any built-in lighting, requiring you to buy lamps to make up for the lack of built-in lighting. Your kitchen might feature plenty of overhead lighting, but are the spaces inside or under your cabinets properly lit? Our team can install lighting everywhere you need it. Illuminate your beautiful home so you can see every detail.

Our amazing electricians can install a variety of lighting solutions, including:

  • Recessed lighting

  • Canned lights

  • Ceiling fan lights

  • Accent lighting

  • Custom kitchen lighting

  • Security lighting with motion detectors

  • Living room lighting

  • Landscape Lighting

TV Wall Mounting and Wiring

With the size and weight that some televisions are today, they are becoming increasingly difficult to install. Mounting a 100-inch TV is an incredibly stressful thing to do alone and requires the right equipment and expertise to do it properly. Our handymen will happily help you install your new television in your home the right way so you can enjoy your new entertainment center without the hassle.

Appliance, Switch, and Wiring Electrical Repair

Handyman For All Your Electrical Needs

 we put ourselves above other electrician contracting companies because of our guarantee. Our promise to you is this: if something we’ve repaired in the last year fails, we’ll fix it for free. Our job is to get your home repaired. If we fail to do that, we’ll do everything in our power to make it right. Call our office today so you don’t have to stress out over your electrical problems anymore.